Exploring the New Way for Chinese Medicine to Enter the World


Traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of ancient Chinese science and also the key to opening the treasure house of Chinese civilization. At present, the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine has ushered in the golden opportunity of weather, geography, and human harmony. We hope that the majority of Chinese medicine practitioners will increase their national self-confidence, climb the peak of medicine, explore the essence of Chinese medicine treasure trove, and give full play to the unique advantages of Chinese medicine. Promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, promote Chinese medicine to the world, and earnestly inherit, develop, and utilize the valuable wealth left by our ancestor of Chinese medicine, and write a new chapter in the great journey of building healthy China and realizing the Chinese dream.

First, we must improve the development goals and paths. Strengthen strategic research and macro-planning, and further improve the strategic objectives and implementation path for revitalizing the development of Chinese medicine, and ensure that the development goals and objectives of TCM are consistent and coordinated with the goals of “two hundred years”. Second, we must serve the strategy of healthy China. In the course of improving the national health policy, we must implement the principle of equal emphasis on both Chinese and Western medicine and promote the development of Chinese medicine and Western medicine in the areas of regulation, planning, policies, and projects. Third, we must pay attention to the implementation of the TCM law and the Outline for Strategic Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We must continue to learn, promote, and popularize the Chinese Medicine Law at work, and continue to work hard to formulate and implement supporting systems for promoting the implementation of the Chinese Medicine Law. Fourth, we must deepen the reform of traditional Chinese medicine. We will deepen structural reforms on the supply side of Chinese medicine, optimize the level and quality of Chinese medicine service provision, and vigorously develop TCM health services. Fifth, we must improve the quality and effectiveness of development. Adhere to the key points, make up for weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses, and improve the quality and level of development of Chinese medicine. To improve the clinical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine as the core, implement the project of inheriting and innovating the construction of traditional Chinese medicine and the cultivation of the clinical advantage of traditional Chinese medicine.

“Chinese medicine is a treasure of ancient Chinese science and is also the key to opening the treasure house of Chinese civilization.” “The valuable wealth that has been left to us by the ancestor of Chinese medicine has been inherited, developed and used well.” December 18, 2015, Xi Jinping The general secretary highly praised Chinese medicine in his congratulations on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. At the same time, he also put forward requirements for the development of scientific research workers. Over the past two years, the majority of Chinese medicine practitioners have been guided by the spirit of the General Secretary Confession, concentrating on major projects, major events, and affairs. Strengthen the top-level design and promote the State Council to issue special plans such as the "Outline of the Strategic Plan for the Development of Chinese Medicine (2016-2030)";

Adhere to the guidance of the rule of law and promote the promulgation and implementation of the Chinese Medicine Law and supporting documents; comprehensively deepen the reform, make overall plans for coordinated development, and promote the development of new forms of business with Chinese medicine health services. The results of scientific and technological innovation in TCM have emerged, and the "going out" approach of TCM has been steady. The Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences conscientiously implements the spirit of the general secretary's letter of congratulations and has made considerable progress in various undertakings. In terms of scientific research system establishment, the Artemisinin Research Center was established, and the construction of the National Rehabilitation Center and the National Acupuncture Research Center was launched. In major scientific research projects, the “antibiotic Chinese medicine alternative research” was carried out and major new drug creation projects were implemented; In terms of outcomes, one new drug certificate was obtained, three new drug certificates and three clinical approvals were issued, and many influential academic papers were published on international authoritative publications.

Ma Jianzhong, Wang Zhiyong, and Yan Shujiang, members of the Party Committee and Deputy Directors of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, attended the meeting at Yu Wenming. The cadres at or above the deputy division level of the Bureau, the members of the leading bodies of the affiliates, and the chief comrades of the secondary institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Academy attended the meeting. . The chief comrades of the Department of Medical Affairs, the State Cooperation Department, the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Publishing House made speeches in exchange.

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